最近,也特别爱听英文歌,去唱k,都会尝试去唱英文歌,尤其喜欢类似Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey 的歌~ 都很好听。她们的歌都很高难度,我越喜欢。


Music is very sensitive for me, once hear the songs, the ear will naturally look for the melody. Although young didn’t learning any music tools such as piano, violin, but that is like the songs, singing. I  like listening to light, pop, hip-hop, especially the blacks. Of course, I like to listen to lyrical songs, but that is not too jazz, I listened to go to sleep, will feel nausea, do not ADMIRE.

Previously was exclusive Cantones’s song, due to lack of it, has been the arrival of the West Malaysia, due to environmental demands began learning to speak Cantonese, then began to slowly accept it, also started learning to sing Cantonese songs. From high school have access to Chinese Orchestra, I also particularly like some of the songs with Chinese style, such as Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom have this kind of work. Sound is great feeling.

More recently, in particular love to hear English songs to sing karaoke, will try to sing English songs, especially Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey’s song ~ very nice. Their songs are very difficult, the more I like.

Itself is not just songs, but also like to listen to the melody, especially the soundtrack. Also, I like to listen to the song brought the lyrics meaning of some songs heard, the really very touching. Will find these songs is to sing our hearts. Really enjoy the music, if my life without music, I think it is missing something, very boring.

 I love music.

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