~FINALLY!!S.H.E have concert over here!!~

yeah~ finaly they come here! Last time they got come over, i choose to watch ‘Jay Chou’ concert, this might be last concert for them~! They really best singer, along 8 years until now, their every album all nice to listening~ \(^o^)/~ haha.. i must watch it and enjoy it~!!!

I have decide to purchase most near the stage! Last time watch Jay Chou’s concert, aisk.. bought around RM200 still small like ants! For this time, same place, i must buy near 1!! I scare no people accompany me to watch it, since i decide to sit near stage, the ticket must very expensive, but don’t worry still got people accompany me geh~ hahaha… ^^don’t think and don’t thought is my boy friend ya.. he won’t go to watch concert geh.. no interest, and he think is ‘just waste money’!!! But hor, he thinking to buy it as valentine’s day present to me~ wish it happen la.. >.<

yor.. i will buy tickets soon~ can’t wait for 6th Mar ’10!!!! S.H.E forever~!!!

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